Trend: About

Hayley Stanton Trend is a boutique forecasting service, providing a directional and unique point of view for the fast fashion market. We tailor trend information to suit company’s individual needs, offering personalised and niche insights, ensuring our clients specific requirements are met.


Hayley Stanton Trend has a number of unique selling points:

1. Offering clients something new, on a one to one platform
2. Proposing the chance to work directly with teams on projects specific to department and consumer
3. Hayley Stanton Trend Boutique provides much needed inspiration, information and imagination one step ahead of the market


Not all retailers have the luxury of in house design teams.  This enables Hayley Stanton Trend to give much needed commercial information.  Designers find themselves lacking critical time they need to research burgeoning trend.  Hayley Stanton Trend will be an invaluable resource to design and buying teams.  Without new season information retailers cannot expect to see clothing and accessory sales. Hayley Stanton Trend will become a distinctive tool in developing product with a continuous feed of information, which is imperative for fast fashion retailers.


There is a trove of information available, but most designers do not have the time to trawl through the unending and changing world of Instagram, Tumblr, Blogs, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Hayley Stanton Trend will carefully and concisely wrap up these trends.  Tailoring advice very specifically to each client.


HS Trend can provide:

* Bespoke projects

* Catwalk analysis

* Specific department analysis

* Seasonal trends, starters and updates

* Colour, print and fabric trends

* Trade show overviews

* Press styling


In addition to the above, we can work on a contractual basis within a head office team at key times of the season in a trend support capacity. Our personal service ensures that a company receives niche insights into relevant trends, which are easily translatable into commercial styles.


If you are interested in any of the above services or wish to commission a bespoke trend project, I am happy to come in and discuss further opportunities. In the mean time use the blog as an insight to my personal thoughts.


Clients we have worked with:

WGSN, New Look, Forever 21, Echo Sourcing, Pennys, Jabong, Jewelcity, Jabong, Leaf Designs.